Critical Illness Insurance

Granddaughter Visiting Grandmother In Hospital BedWhy get critical illness insurance?

You may feel that critical illness is something that happens to other people. If you’re fit and healthy now, why would you even think about it?

However, sadly, critical illness is actually more common than you might imagine and every year seemingly fit and healthy people end up with a life-changing illness that affects their ability to work and to look after their families.

That’s why having critical illness illness insurance is important. If you are diagnosed with something then you have a financial security net that means the bills still get paid and the mortgage doesn’t fall into arrears, during what is an emotional time.

What benefits and features are there to getting critical illness insurance?

  • The application is surprisingly easy and it can all be handled over the telephone

  • There are no complex forms to fill out

  • Cover starts at just £5 per month

  • You can get peace of mind and get on with living your life

Get a Critical Illness Quote

Insurance Quotes Life Insurance can search a leading panel of insurers for you and find you the best cover at the best rates, according to your personal needs and circumstances.

What you don’t do today could affect tomorrow, so why not sleep easy knowing that you are covered should the worst happen?

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