Mortgage Protection Insurance

Your homeWhy get mortgage insurance?

A man (or woman’s) home is his or her castle, especially if your family are happy there.

But what if you were suddenly not there to help pay the mortgage or the household bills? Would your family be able to afford to carry on living in your castle?



Mortgage Protection insurance is something that you have to have when you have a mortgage but did you know that you are under no obligation to buy your insurance from your mortgage provider?

If you didn’t know then you could be saving money each month with a better deal elsewhere!

Aside from mortgage insurance potentially being used to pay off the mortgage should you die, you can also get total peace of mind knowing that your family will be secure even if you’re not there to protect them.

Insurance Quotes Life Insurance offers you a way to get the very best quotes, compare them in one place and it’s a completely free service.

What benefits and features are there to getting mortgage protection through us?

  • Your application can be done over the phone

  • You won’t have lots of forms to fill in

  • Cover is highly affordable

  • We search a panel of leading insurers to find you the best rates

Get a mortgage Protection Quote

Insurance Quotes Life Insurance can search a leading panel of insurers for you and find you the best cover at the best rates, according to your personal needs and circumstances.

What you don’t do today could affect tomorrow, so why not sleep easy knowing that you are covered should the worst happen?

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